Who are you?
Who are you in this world?
Are you happy with the way you are?

If not, maybe there‘s ways to change that.
What if I told you, it all lies in your own two hands.

My identity has always been very single-sided.
I used to see myself as one particular thing or define myself through one particular job that I do.
The thing is, there‘s so much more to a person than just one side and i‘m here to help you to embrace and celebrate it !

I create music, or pieces of soundwork in order to confront myself with a lot of problems that were happening in my mind and it helped me a lot.
Maybe it could do that same thing for you.
Or even more.

Dive in and take a listen into all different parts of my identity and let it be a pathway to facing your own.

Always take care,
Love, M.

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